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November 2006

Recent Medical Information

Strategies for Reducing the Door-to-Balloon Time in Acute Myocardial Infarction
Posted 2006-11-29 08:58:14
In an acute heart attack (with ST segment elevation), the recommended goal is the interval between arrival at the hospital and intracoronary balloon inflation (door-to-balloon time) during should be 90 minutes or less. However, few hospitals meet this objective.
A study in the New England Journal of Medicine identified six factors that were significantly associated with a faster door-to-balloon time. These strategies included having emergency medicine physicians activate the catheterization laboratory (mean reduction in door-to-balloon time, 8.2 minutes), having a single call to a central page operator activate the laboratory (13.8 minutes), having the emergency department activate the catheterization laboratory while the patient is en route to the hospital (15.4 minutes), expecting staff to arrive in the catheterization laboratory within 20 minutes after being paged (vs. >30 minutes) (19.3 minutes), having an attending cardiologist always on site (14.6 minutes), and having staff in the emergency department and the catheterization laboratory use real-time data feedback (8.6 minutes).
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Cape Cod Healthcare Depends on EMC to Keep Medical Information Online
Posted 2006-11-29 08:46:22
Hopkinton, Mass.-Tuesday, November 28, 2006
EMC Corporation, the world leader in information management and storage, today announced that Cape Cod Healthcare, Cape Cod's largest provider of healthcare services with more than 400 physicians and 4,000 employees, is using EMC software, storage and services as key components of its Continuous Computing program. The program is designed to enable facilities and clinicians to provide medical services to patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In 2006, Cape Cod Hospital, a partner within the regional healthcare organization, was chosen as one of the Top 100 hospitals in America, marking the fifth time in nine years that the hospital has received this honor through the independent annual Solucient survey of all 3,000-plus U.S. hospitals.
John Kilroy, Cape Cod Healthcare's Vice President and CIO, said, "We're almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and are at risk for hurricanes and floods. Healthcare cannot be put on hold, so we developed our Continuous Computing program to ensure the information that drives all of our medical and operational IT systems is available all the time. EMC's business continuity solutions at the core of this program have helped us shrink our recovery times from hours to a few minutes and improve the quality of our recovered data. And as we consolidate our vast information infrastructure, we're able to more reliably and cost-efficiently manage our information day-to-day. It is so much more centralized."
As part of an overall business continuity plan, Cape Cod Healthcare system administrators use EMC NetWorker™ Module for MEDITECH software to perform full backups of MEDITECH applications – such as administration, clinical and patient care, electronic medical records and financial applications, among others – at any time and without interrupting applications or affecting users. NetWorker generates backup snapshots of Cape Cod Healthcare's 15 servers, which are then stored on centralized EMC CLARiiON® systems. The entire MEDITECH backup set is then written to tape in a single pass.
NetWorker snapshots are also replicated hourly using EMC SAN Copy™ software, from Cape Cod Healthcare's Hyannis campus, which is at sea level, to another EMC CLARiiON system at a safer geographic location – the organization's Falmouth campus, which sits on a hilltop 25 miles away.
Jim Walsh, Cape Cod Healthcare's Director of IT, noted, "Before implementing the EMC solution, we would back up our 15 servers individually to tape drives in Hyannis and ship the tapes to a fireproof safe at our Falmouth campus. Because this process was so cumbersome, we only did tape backups once a day, meaning that recovery data could be as old as 23 hours 59 minutes if we need to restore a backup. Today, we take snapshots every two hours using EMC NetWorker, so there's far less chance of data loss. The time it takes to recover a backup after our IT team has analyzed the problem has dropped from three hours to five minutes, a reduction of 97%."
Sean Flaherty, Cape Cod Healthcare's Network Engineer, said, "EMC is providing the right mix of technologies and support services at the right cost to make our Continuous Computing program a reality. EMC's services consultants have worked closely with our IT team to help design and roll out these solutions in a very professional and expedient way. We've been very impressed with EMC's extensive experience in and range of solutions for business that are critical to our plan of improving information availability and lowering IT costs."
About Cape Cod Healthcare
Cape Cod Healthcare is a comprehensive, regional healthcare system spanning the entire Cape. Cape Cod Healthcare is the leading provider of healthcare services for residents and visitors of Cape Cod. With more than 400 physicians, 4,000 employees and 1,000 volunteers, Cape Cod Healthcare has two acute care hospitals, the largest home health services agency on the Cape (VNA), a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility, an assisted living facility and numerous health programs. For more information, visit Cape Cod Healthcare's website at
About EMC
EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) is the world leader in products, services and solutions for information management and storage that help organizations extract the maximum value from their information, at the lowest total cost, across every point in the information lifecycle. Information about EMC's products and services can be found at
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Great Careers In The Medical Field
Posted 2006-11-29 08:44:06
Great Careers in the Medical Field
Career Enhancement
The medical field has always offered wonderful career opportunities and seems to provide not only job security but favorable incomes in many facets of the medical environment. The demand is a constant and unless people quit getting sick, it appears there won’t be any problems in the future finding a need for the medical professional.
Careers in the medical field vary but you can certainly find many different opportunities. You can go into mental health or family practice as a tech, doctor or nurse. You can set your own hours with a career which offers flex-time, part-time and full time opportunities. You can be your own boss in many areas of the medical field especially if you are a physician or psychologist in private practice. The career possibilities are endless.
In the mental health field, registered nurses are in high demand. Psychologists and Psychiatrists can find a job with ease. Social workers are in demand in mental hospitals and drug treatment centers. Psych techs are in high demand now within mental health facilities and many psych techs are paid up to sixteen dollars an hour in larger cities and that’s for someone who has a high school diploma and a willingness to learn through on the job training!
In pediatrics, the medical field is wide open. Careers for child psychologists and nurses are available and of course, physicians who are ready to go to work in private practice or as an important part of a family group practice will be pleasantly surprised with their working environments in most cases.
Careers for nurse practitioners and physician assistants are in high demand. Many physician assistants and nurse practitioners are making as much as a family physician if they are in the right field. Surgery Physician Assistants make over $100,000 in some areas and most of them have a three or four day work week which can give a career opportunity a lot of appeal.
Dermatology offers registered nurses, PAs and medical techs many possibilities and often the dermatology offices are closed either on Monday or Friday which again, offers appeal. Dermatologists draw good salaries and career minded physicians can work alone in private practice or in a group.
There are so many careers to consider in the medical field. If you aren’t sure of the many possibilities, then take a look at our comprehensive list below. The following opportunities are available and make great career choices with most of them in high demand!
  • Physicians ranging from Pediatricians to Psychiatrists
  • Nursing opportunities ranging from registered nurses to LPN and CNA possibilities
  • Medical techs such as psych techs, radiology techs and medical techs
  • Medical transcribing
  • Medical records and billing opportunities for clerical work and auditing
  • Counseling and crisis work for psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Clerical work in many capacities
There are many other medical field opportunities and there are many opportunities for food service employees too. Medical personnel in the hospitals count on the food service within the deli or cafeteria twenty-four hours a day. People who want stability in their careers in the food service industry often choose food service careers within the medical industry. They need the job security and find the salaries are often far better than those realized in the restaurants in the surrounding areas.
When you begin your search for a career, look online at the Occupational Handbook placed online by the US Labor board and see if you can find a career that’s not only in high demand but one which will satisfy your long term goals for salary and educational requirements. Be familiar with your career opportunities before you lock yourself into a permanent career choice. For more information see Career Enhancement Basics.
About the Author
JM Jackson is a career consultant with 30 years experience advising professional clients on career enhancement and advancement strategies. For more information see her extensive website at Career Enhancement Basics.
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US Seeks More Foreign Doctors, Medical Students
Posted 2006-11-29 08:36:45
Recent studies suggest the United States health care system will soon experience a shortage of doctors and medical professionals. This is leading to increased efforts to attract foreign doctors and medical students to the United States. John Featherly narrates on this VOA post.
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Fetal Oxygen Monitoring Doesn't Detect Fetal Distress or Predict Need for C-Section Feal Oxygen Monitoring Doesn't Predict Need for C-section or Detect Fetal Health
Posted 2006-11-24 12:57:46
A new test that measures how much oxygen is circulating in fetal blood just before birth has no effect on whether delivery is done by Caesarean section or not, in a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
In addition, fetal blood oxygen doesn't appear to reflect the health of the newborn -- suggesting there's no real reason to use the test.
"We found absolutely no difference in Caesarean sections," said Dr. Steven Bloom, lead author of a study appearing in the Nov. 23 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. "Given the available evidence -- and I believe we are the most definitive study -- there is no apparent benefit of this technology, which is not to say there won't be possibilities in the future."
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BioMS Medical Begins Enrollment for Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Drug Study
Posted 2006-11-24 12:51:06
EDMONTON, Canada | Nov 23, 2006 | BioMS Medical Corp (TSX: MS), a leading developer in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS), today announced that the first patients have been enrolled in its placebo controlled multi-center Phase II clinical trial of MBP8298 for the treatment of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).
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University of California Riveside to Proceed with Plans for Medical School
Posted 2006-11-24 12:48:06
The Regents of the University of California authorized UC Riverside to proceed with the next phase of planning for a School of Medicine. Projected to open in fall 2012, the school will be the first new public medical school west of the Mississippi since 1971.
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Actors allow medical students to practice bedside manner
Posted 2006-11-24 12:45:55
University of New Mexico provides a "Standardized Patient Program" which has approximately 150 people who act out illnesses and conditions as a way to help train and evaluate medical students at all levels of study.
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Israel university sets up medical clowning degree
Posted 2006-11-24 08:44:50
TORONTO, Nov 22 (Reuters Life!) - Israel's University of Haifa is taking the notion that laughter is the best medicine seriously, setting up a Bachelor of Arts degree in medical clowning to help legitimize the profession. Hospitals in many countries use clowning as a form of therapy to help patients' recovery or ease suffering, particularly in children's wards.
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EMI puts your medical history on a digital business card
Posted 2006-11-24 00:19:54
The EMI 911 rCard is an interactive, electronic device that stores and displays essential Emergency Medical Information. The full-color screen displays medical charts, photos and text to instantly provide to doctors, nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).
The device is about the size of a business card, just 3 inches wide by 2 inches high by 3.7mm thick. EMI subscribers may load and update the card, transferring data to and from a PC, via USB cable that accompanies the card. To load the card, consumers will create a personal health record on EMI's secure web site. If the card is lost or fails, this health record can quickly and easily be downloaded to a new card.
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Canadians afraid of medical errors and environmental factors affecting health
Posted 2006-11-24 00:13:50
A recent poll of Canadians show that ssixty per cent pf public, 40 per cent of doctors, 62 per cent of pharmacists, 74 per cent of nurses, and 77 per cent of managers think it is likely that someone might be subjected to a serious medical error while in a Canadian hospital. This is the same as last year's findings.
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Australia Launches Alternative Medicine Study
Posted 2006-11-24 00:08:33
Australian Health Minister Tony Abbott said the government would provide $5 million, to be allocated through the National Health and Medical Research Council, for projects investigating the use and effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicines.
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National Library of Medicine Awards $75 Million for Informatics Research Training
Posted 2006-11-24 00:05:02
The National Institute of Health's (NIH) National Library of Medicine (NLM) announced it will award $75 million to 18 institutions for research training in biomedical informatics, a field that seeks to improve health care through computer and communications technology. Each year, the NLM supports roughly 300 pre- and post-doctoral students at institutions nationwide who are working to improve patient care through clinical decision support systems, multimedia electronic health records and other technologies. In addition, NLM training programs address clinical research, translational informatics and public health informatics such as syndromic surveillance, bioinformatics, and biomedical imaging and signal processing. According to the director of the NLM, such training programs produce highly skilled investigators who are critical to improving clinical research and care.
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